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Software to increase your standardization and security
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Its hard to be a system administrator when you’re busy fighting fires all day. And we noticed lots of administrators struggle with their existing management tools to do (what appears) to make very simple security improvements. So PolicyPak was founded on three goals:

  1. Don’t rip-and-replace something you already love and use.
  2. Make your existing tools better and more effective.
  3. Standardize and secure your Windows machines.
A note from Jeremy
Our Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Hi there,

A lot of people ask me why I founded PolicyPak.

If Group Policy and SCCM and MDM are so awesome, why is PolicyPak needed?

This is a perfectly fair question, and one that I, as someone who was awarded the title Group Policy and Enterprise Mobility MVP 15-times over, I am particularly happy to answer.

Group Policy and SCCM (and now MDM) are kind of, well, everywhere. And they each do a great job at their little section of the world. Group Policy is great for Windows’ own settings, SCCM is great at deploying software, and MDM is awesome at managing phones. VMware and Citrix do a great job at VDI, and so on.

But none of these management techniques is able to perform standardization of applications, desktop, browser, Java and security settings of Windows itself.

None could do a great dynamic job of setting File Associations, dealing with Local Admin rights, or configuring the Start Menu and Taskbar.

And nobody seemed happy: So I came up with a solution that worked alongside what people were already using. In other words, Admin’s existing technology investments needed a boost. After working with hundreds of real-world customers, speaking at the biggest events like Microsoft TechEd, Microsoft Ignite and others then writing the most best selling books on managing Windows using Group Policy and Creating a Secure Managed Desktop.

I founded PolicyPak in 2007 to make desktop management “Point and Shoot” easy for administrators of all levels and no matter what they have already invested in, or were already an expert at using.

  • I’m proud of how PolicyPak is architected: there are no servers to buy or build, databases to bring up, schema updates, or code to write.
  • I’m proud of how quickly PolicyPak can be deployed: most customers can get their first few “base hits” handled within an hour.
  • I’m proud of what PolicyPak can do: PolicyPak manages items that are simply “unmanageable” any other way.
  • I’m proud of how successful PolicyPak is: We have hundreds of customers and over a million Windows 7 and 10 devices managed and more secure using PolicyPak.
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If you don’t think PolicyPak increases your ability to manage your Windows systems, then you don’t pay anything at all. Here’s my recommendation: please attend our daily “Getting Started with PolicyPak” webinar. Once you attend, you’ll learn exactly what PolicyPak does (and doesn’t do) and then you can download the software and give it a try.

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Jeremy Moskowitz
CTO, PolicyPak Software

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