We have everyone set up as “Standard User”; no users have Admin Rights.

Go ahead and run WinZip, Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Chrome or just about any other desktop application as a standard user (that is, with no admin rights.)

And, as that standard user can they go to “Tools | Options” or “Edit | Preferences” and manipulate the settings that are on the machine?

With PolicyPak working for you:

  • Applications’ UIs are grayed or hidden to prevent changes (in about 80% of applications).
  • Applications’ settings are auto-remediated when the application is launched by the end-user (even when the computer is offline).
  • Applications’ settings can be locked down with ACL Lockdown (in about 80% of applications) so users literally cannot change the settings at all.

If so, you need PolicyPak. Because only PolicyPak can deliver, enforce and remediate the settings that are important to you.

Note: If you are using a “Least Privilege” management tool, see our FAQ on those types of tools a little later in this FAQ list.