Customer Support FAQ

Do you have an SLA or Supportability Statement ?

Our support policy is as follows:

  1. For questions / problems / concerns, all customers may email support [at ] We again strive to respond to all questions within the same business day.
  2. We typically email back answers to “easy” questions right away.
  3. If required, we SCHEDULE time with you and (with your permission) remote control your machine to see what’s going on and help you.
  4. Customers with existing SRX cases may leave a voicemail on our 800-883-8002 number and await a response if you think there’s an issue with our response.

Times vary to actually solve particular issues, so we do not “guarantee” time to a closure of a particular issue.

Note: Our working hours for support are 9.00 – 4.30 Eastern (New York Time.) If you are OUTSIDE of those times, you are welcome to email support and we can SCHEDULE time to with you in your time zone for one-on-one help.