PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager is our number one weapon against malware and cryptolocker packages. With it in place, we can revoke local admin rights across our organization, while still allowing programs to run with the required admin privileges. We use PolicyPak Start Screen & Taskbar Manager to quickly control our Windows 10 Start Screen. We […]

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PolicyPak allows us to meet various security requirements and mandates. Least Privilege Manager allows us to align IT admins with their specific roles and responsibilities without compromising security as a whole. The entire PolicyPak suite is a great asset to any organization. […]

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Our business has grown quickly over the past few years, to a couple hundred people and computers. I knew I had a hard job ahead of me to eliminate admin rights in an effort to better protect the company. I was so impressed with PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager when I discovered it. Never before have […]

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PolicyPak Least Privilege Manager has helped us lock down student machines in a way we never could before. PolicyPak helps us remove local admin rights, yet gives us the flexibility to allow students to run the programs they need. And PolicyPak prevents students from downloading and running anything that isn’t sanctioned. After watching PolicyPak’s video […]

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