How to view/locate files downloaded from PolicyPak.

Your download should start automatically. When your download is complete please use the instructions below to locate your downloaded files on your computer.

If your download fails to start, click here


In Chrome, your downloads will appear in a bar at the bottom of the browser window. You can...

  1. Click on the file name to open it in the default system viewer.
  2. -OR-

  3. Click on the menu button and choose Show in folder to view the files location.

    If for some reason the download does not appear in the bottom of the browser window, you can view all of your recent Chrome downloads via the Customize menu button as shown here.

    Then you can either open the file or locate it from the recent downloads list.

Internet Explorer

Before downloading the file, Internet Explorer will prompt you at the bottom of the browser window....

  1. Open - download then open/launch the file using the default system viewer
  2. -OR-

  3. Save - save the file to the default download folder

    After the download is complete, if you didn’t choose Open above, you can choose it again to open the file. You may also choose Open Folder to locate the folder containing the download.

    You can also locate the downloaded file later by selecting View downloads from the IE Settings menu as shown.


Depending on your settings, your file will be downloaded to a predetermined folder OR you will be prompted to choose what to do with the file.

If you chose Save File, you can click the down arrow on the Firefox toolbar to view your recently downloaded files. From there, you can…

  1. Open the file with the default system viewer
  2. Open the folder that contains the downloaded file


The download will start automatically, and you can see the progress/get the file in the upper right corner: