How PolicyPak Helps Customers Accelerate the Transition to G Suite

Jeremy Moskowitz former Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz
Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility

With more than 3 million enterprise subscribers, Google G Suite has exploded in the past few of years. And in 2017, Network World reported that it is a top choice for businesses in highly regulated industries. As all of these organizations make this transition, it raises the question: how do you effectively manage settings and devices using G Suite in a Microsoft environment, while subsequently securing them from malware and other online threats?

To meet the challenges that arise, you need a solution that allows the platforms to work together uniformly, securely, and predictably. In this paper, we will take a close look at what you can do to overcome the biggest management challenges in a Windows + G Suite environment, including how to:

  • Manage settings for users & devices using G Suite
  • Mandate file associations in Windows 10 so users predictably access prescribed Google applications when they access files
  • Quickly and simply integrate Google applications into a Windows environment

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