PolicyPak Pricing and Licensing

PolicyPak is licensed per desktop, laptop, and/or concurrent Terminal Services/Citrix connections you have.

Our minimum pricing is $2500.00 and grants you 100 licenses.

If you have more licenses, your per-computer license cost goes down -- quickly.

  • It is not licensed per user.
  • It is not licensed per Pak.

Again: You pay per computer license. Computers are licensed within OUs or your whole domain.

When you own PolicyPak, you get it all (on licensed machines):

  • Use as many preconfigured Paks you want
  • Create your own Paks using the PolicyPak Design Studio
  • Included support
  • Included updates to PolicyPak and any Pak we create or update.

Yearly product maintenance is required, and also varies depending on the number of machines you want to manage.

Again, your first year includes maintenance. You must continue maintenance on a yearly basis for computers to remain licensed. You must also "true up" every year to do a quick re-count and pay any overage. See our Licensing FAQ for more details.

We know people’s circumstances are a little different. But it's easy to get your own specific quote. Click here and fill out the form, or pick up the phone and call 800-883-8002.

Tip: To see a demonstration of how to license computers (and our licensing FAQ) click here.

What do I get when I’m a PolicyPak Professional customer?

PolicyPak Professional consists of:

  • The "client side extension" which you must put on all clients you want to manage. This works with Windows XP and higher; Terminal Services connections and Citrix servers; VMware and all VDI solutions like Citrix Xendesktop or VMware View.
  • The "GPMC extension" which enables you to create new GPOs and manage PolicyPak Paks.
  • The "PolicyPak Design Studio" which enables you to create your own Paks for any application.
  • A PolicyPak Quickstart and User Guide and PolicyPak Design Studio Users' Guide.
  • All the pre-created PolicyPaks we've got for you are 100% free for all PolicyPak Professional customers. We're building new ones all the time, so you'll get them free with your license. We build it – you get it – included.
  • Included tech support
  • All the pre-configured Paks and any updates to those Paks





Phone: 800.883.8002

Some of our customers include:
US Courts
First National Bank of the Rockies