Understanding PolicyPak's Community, Trial and Licensed Modes

Our modes are easy to understand. We have ways for you to get started right away to experience the power of PolicyPak, for free, today!

PolicyPak Professional – Community Edition mode

PolicyPak's Community Mode is our gift to the Active Directory and Group Policy community at large.

PolicyPak Software Founder, Jeremy Moskowitz, Group Policy MVP is highly involved with the Group Policy community and wanted to give something back. We're happy to provide, free of charge, PolicyPak Professional in Community Mode.

Community Mode allows the following:

  • Any user name (no restrictions)
  • Any computer name (no restrictions)
  • One Pak (PolicyPak project) delivered to the client 
  • 25 Elements within that one Pak (must be registry elements, not file-based elements)
  • The PolicyPak CSE (client piece) will process the very first Pak detected by the client, and only honor those settings.

So, in short, our gift to you is the ability to utilize your very own Pak (or one of our preconfigured ones) – 100% free of charge. However, to overcome the one PolicyPak 25 element limit and create an unlimited number of Paks, you will need to be licensed.

Why are we doing this? We're so sure you'll love the free Community Edition that you'll want to step up and be fully licensed. Once you're fully licensed, the client machines can embrace an unlimited number of PolicyPak Paks with an unlimited number of elements.

Note: Community edition will only deploy Registry items but NOT file-based items. So, for instance, you could use PolicyPak's Community Edition to deploy WinZip's settings (because they are stored in the registry) but not Firefox settings, because those settings are stored in files. If you wanted to test out using our pre-configured Pak for Firefox, you should use Trial Mode (read on for this).

PolicyPak Professional - Trial Mode

PolicyPak software has a 100% free "trial mode." Trial mode will allow you to test 100% of our functionality very easily.

Here's how it works: When the target computer has "Computer" in the name, the computer acts as if it is fully licensed.

So if you create a test computer named Computer1 – all users on that computer will get the PolicyPak magic – 100%!

You are welcome to create as many computers with "computer" in the name to perform your tests. So this Trial mode enables you to set up a test as big or as small as you like and ensure the software does for you what we promise it will do.

Use our PolicyPak Professional Design Studio to create your own Paks (as many as you want) or use any of our pre-configured Paks (and go crazy testing them out). They'll all work in Trial Mode.

Again, just create a computer with "Computer" in the name, and Trial mode will enable 100% of our functionality.

PolicyPak Professional – Evaluation Period Mode / Paid Mode

(when you work with our friendly and not-at-all-pushy PolicyPak Sales Team)

If you'd like to go for a full trial – in your REAL WORLD, you may test an Organizational unit (OU), multiple OUs or your whole domain. Youl request a license key from our sales team, and it will work for a fixed amount of time.

No need to set your computers with "computer" in the name. All the computers you want will really, truly be licensed... for a trial evaluation period as you test PolicyPak out in your real world.

After you have tried it out in your real world, just purchase PolicyPak from us and we'll extend the license key for an additional full year.

PolicyPak Professional is licensed per computer (not per user). You can license a whole domain, an OU, or multiple OUs.

And, once your computers are licensed for PolicyPak Professional, they embrace 100% of the functionality of PolicyPak and can utilize and unlimited number of PolicyPaks you create, or our pre-configured Paks.

Remember: For PolicyPak Professional, you license only the computers you need.


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