Lower IT costs


Reduce help-desk call & desktop visits


Increase security & compliance


Reduce number of GPOs / GPO complexity


Report on security & compliance


Enforce settings for security, applications, OS and browsers. Leverage any existing system, like Group Policy or MDM.

Enforce settings for security, applications, OS and browsers. Deliver settings over the Internet to non-domain joined, roaming and BYOD machines.

Ensure your Group Policy settings are actually working on your endpoints. Report in real-time for PolicyPak and Microsoft Group Policy settings.

Manage these popular applications with PolicyPak Suite…and many more
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Desktop Disaster? PolicyPak to the rescue.

I was tired of half-baked solutions which weren’t enterprise ready, required an army of people to run, or weren’t in the box from Microsoft. So I founded PolicyPak.
Now, nothing is more important to me than your company’s security and making you and your team effective. As your partner, we’ll ensure we’re doing everything we can to help you with your security and desktop management goals.

Jeremy Moskowitz
Group Policy MVP, Management expert

Founder of PolicyPak Software