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Nov 02

Put your Windows 10 deployments on AutoPilot | Brian Madden

Modern management does not provide the same level of control that IT is used to with AD domain-joined PCs. Depending on how you approach PC management, this might be an issue for you or it might not. The number of MDM policies is increasing with each Windows 10 release and you can now deploy a subset of Group Policies via MDM. There are 3rd party solutions that can deploy traditional Group Policy to non-domain joined PCs, for example, PolicyPak.

Oct 29

PolicyPak MDM Edition: Group Policy and more for BYOD | 4Sysops

PolicyPak MDM Edition makes the impossible… possible. PolicyPak MDM enables you to extend all of your Group Policy settings to your MDM enrolled clients. This enables enterprise-level Group Policy control on any MDM Windows client, including non-domain-joined devices. If you find yourself with either corporate-owned, or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) scenarios via MDM, this will be a huge improvement for you! PolicyPak MDM supports all of your administrative templates, security settings (user rights, AppLocker, etc.), and preferences (file/shortcut deployment, registry entries, etc.).

Oct 18

5 Windows Virtual Desktop management tools to consider | TechTarget

PolicyPak. PolicyPak performs a variety of Windows Virtual Desktop management tasks, including assigning admin rights and configuring security and compliance settings. IT can use PolicyPak to manage Windows 10 settings, such as the Start Menu, taskbar, Group Policy Objects and file associations.

Mar 21 Tool of the Month – GP Answers and PolicyPak | CTXPro

Why is this important? The number one complaint people seem to have about “Citrix” is logon times. Do you know what most often causes longer logon times? GROUP POLICY ISSUES!!! Yet, Microsoft doesn’t really have a good education resource focused on it.

Mar 19

PolicyPak Software Introduces Feature Manager for Windows | Cision PRWeb

PolicyPak Software, today introduced Feature Manager for Windows to reduce challenges surrounding Windows 10 migrations and to transition from Group Policy to MDM. This new component within the PolicyPak Suite provides IT administrators with more options when selecting Windows classic features or Windows 10 optional features.

Oct 10

SpiceWorld 2018 Confirms Win10 Migration Intelligence | Tech Target

For the past two days I’ve been wandering the halls of the Austin Convention Center, along with two-plus-thousand fellow SpiceHeads. This humble Pimiento is palling around with Habaneros, Serranos, and a Ghost Pepper or two. I even saw two Pure Capsaicins achieve the spiciest of all designations Tuesday morning. More important, I interacted with a few dozen attendees one on one. From them, I’ve learned that Jeremy Moskowitz’s Win10 Migration survey

Jul 17

The Road to Windows 10 is Paved with Good Intentions | dabcc

PolicyPak and surveyed over 500 organizations about their about their experience migrating to Windows 10, what problems they’ve needed to tackle, what was the impact, and what real IT admins did to rectify the issues.

Sep 20

Put your Windows 10 deployments on AutoPilot | brianmadden

Aaron Parker talks cloud management, MDM, and provisioning for Windows 10.
Windows desktop deployments are hard—enterprise deployments have typically required creating custom SOEs, application packaging, infrastructure to support Windows deploy, plus testing and piloting. Then of course, managing those PCs once deployed.

Apr 02

Group Policy Alternatives: Part 2 | ITPro Today

In the last article I discussed some of the reasons that Group Policy, a configuration solution that was perfect for organizations with a single OS desk bound fleet of computers in the early 2000s may not be the best solution for an organization with a heterogeneous OS mobile fleet of computers in the mid 20-teens.

Dec 12

TechNet Video: (Part 1) Interview with Jeremy Moskowitz | Microsoft TechNet

Jeremy Moskowitz is long time Microsoft MVP, Enterprise Mobility and runs the web site. I caught up with Jeremy at the Windows Connection conference in Las Vegas where he showed me the PolicyPak application. This tool allows Group Policy administrators to manage application that do not have pre-built Group Policy Admin Templates. The tool allows Administrators unprecedented control over application functions via Group Policy. Jeremy talks about and demos the application for us in the video.

Aug 17

Run As Radio | RunAsRadio

Richard Campbell from RunAs Radio interviews Jeremy Moskowitz, Founder of PolicyPak Software on the release of PolicyPak 3.0! Learn why Richard says “Once you understand what it does, you can't live without it.” Thanks Richard !