PolicyPak for Attachmate Extra! X-treme

Organizations do not live on Windows alone.  Many of them depend on mainframe terminal servers, which means they depend on some type of terminal emulation application such as Attachmate Extra! X-treme.

Which also means they need some way to lock down that terminal emulation program to prevent users from modifying setting values.  After all, if all of your company’s data is resides on the mainframe, you can’t afford for your users to be unable to connect to the mainframe and sit idle while your help desk figures out what setting got messed up.

That’s where PolicyPak comes in.  We enforce and lock down the optimum settings values that you, the administrator, want them to have.  PolicyPak sets and enforces expectations for your users’ applications, so that they get the same experience, every time they launch it, especially for a life line application such as this.

Keep your Attachmate Extra! configuration settings delivered,enforced and automatically remediated with PolicyPak.  Check out this video to see how it’s done:

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Our PolicyPak software snaps-in to the Group Policy Editor and gives you the same user interface as Attachmate Extra! X-treme itself. You can use PolicyPak to “Auto save session settings.”  Then you can disable the drop-down menu to prevent your users from accessing it completely.

There are lot of important settings located on the General tab.  You can enforce the “Prompt for disconnection” to be enabled.  You can then select the “Perform ACL Lockdown” feature which will lock down this setting within the registry so that even registry savvy users can’t modify the setting in any way.

You need want to enforce “Use Windows Logon” to make it easy for your users.  Now select it and then disable access for your users by using the PolicyPak feature “Disable corresponding control in target application once again.”


With PolicyPak, you’re the one in control.

Besides, once you’re using PolicyPak to manage Attachmate Extra!, you’ll also get to manage all your other enterprise desktop applications the same way: Flash, Lync, Java, Firefox, and any custom applications you have. They’re 100% included – absolutely free.

It’s all included when you’re a PolicyPak Professional customer.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

When you’re ready to get serious about managing Attachmate Extra X-treme, PolicyPak is ready for you.