PolicyPak for Corel PaintShop Pro

You might think, well it’s only a graphic artsy program, it’s not as critical as Outlook and the web browser.  It’s not important, until your art department is tying the help desk phones tying up your helpdesk phones about a misconfigure application settings, rather than putting the finishing touches on the new advertising spread that’s due tomorrow.

All applications are important, which is why PolicyPak supports so many of them, even graphic artsy programs.

PolicyPak locks down and enforces the optimum setting values that you, the network administrator, want them to have, as well as the ones you know they need.  PolicyPak sets and enforces expectations for your users’ applications, so that they get the same experience, every time they launch it.

Keep your Corel PaintShop Pro configuration settings enforced and streamlined with PolicyPak.  Check out this video to see how it’s done:

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Our PolicyPak software snaps-in to the Group Policy Editor and gives you the same user interface as PaintShop Pro itself.  Everyone wants a Redo now and then and your artists need an Undo sometimes.  Make sure the “Enable the Undo system” is always checked.  Then make sure it stays unchecked by using the “Disable Corresponding Control in Target Application” feature of PolicyPak that makes sure that users can’t modify the settings at all.

Which makes the interface on the user’s desktop managed like this.


Always make sure that your PaintShop users don’t call the helpdesk crying about how they just lost hours of work due to a system failure.  Make sure that “Automatically store backup copies of all open files” is checked for a specified amount of minutes and then disable it as well.

Which again looks like this on the client’s desktop.


Make sure that “Enable Auto-Preserve” is checked as well and then utilize PoliyPak’s signature “Perform ACL Lockdown” feature that locks settings with the registry itself, preventing even registry savvy users from directly modifying this and any of the settings delivered by PolicyPak.

With PolicyPak, you’re the one in control.

Besides, once you’re using PolicyPak to manage Corel PaintShop Pro, you’ll also get to manage all your other enterprise desktop applications the same way: Flash, Lync, Java, Firefox, and any custom applications you have. They’re 100% included – absolutely free.

It’s all included when you’re a PolicyPak Professional customer.

PolicyPak was designed by Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz – who “wrote the book” on Group Policy, runs GPanswers.com, and lives and breathes Group Policy and enterprise software deployments and desktop lockdown.

When you’re ready to get serious about managing Corel PaintShop Pro, PolicyPak is ready for you.