I use Deep-Freeze or other “Reboot to Recover” products.

Disk restoration solutions such as Deep Freeze are great solutions to a wide range of problems which can regularly occur on networks, like user modifications and deletions, desktop and config changes, registry hacks, or other security risks – even viruses and malware. Just hit restore, and the problem disappears as the previous state of the disk is delivered to the user.

But disk protection products are not meant to correct for all kinds of problems – because they are designed to protect the disk, but not the user session. And while they correct problems, they don’t prevent them.

PolicyPak goes further than the standard Microsoft Group Policy tools to ensure that the user-settings you enforce across a network are properly locked down, every time, and redelivered when necessary – giving you the required protection for your user sessions.

If you use them correctly, and know their limitations, disk protection products like Deep Freeze are excellent tools for an IT admin. And a smart IT admin will want PolicyPak alongside this to deliver, set and control their settings management policy across their network.

To learn more about PolicyPak and Deep-Freeze (and similar products) see our whitepaper: https://www.policypak.com/solutions/what-most-it-admins-don-t-know-about-deep-freeze.html