PolicyPak & MDM Frequently Asked Questions


How does PolicyPak and my existing MDM service work together?

We can explain it in about two minutes. Please check out this video.

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Which version of PolicyPak do I purchase if I want to use it with my MDM service like Windows Intune, MobileIron, Workspace One (Airwatch) or other MDM service?

The product you want is PolicyPak MDM Edition, because PolicyPak MDM Edition will utilize whatever transport you already have. In contrast, our PolicyPak Cloud Edition product is for organizations which don’t have the need or desire to pay for an MDM service; our Policy Cloud service serves as the transport.

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How do I know how many licenses I need for PolicyPak MDM Edition?

We have a detailed FAQ article on this. Please see this link for the technical how-to.

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How does PolicyPak MDM Edition actually work with my MDM service?

In order to get PolicyPak to work with your MDM service, your Windows 10 endpoints must receive three things:

  1. The PolicyPak Client Side Extension (CSE version 1300 or later). This is downloadable in the PolicyPak portal.
  2. The License file which enables your specific email suffix (like "[email protected]"). This is provided by PolicyPak Sales team and is “keyed” to your specific UPN.
  3. The Group Policy or PolicyPak directives, wrapped up as an MSI file. We provide the utility called the PolicyPak Exporter utility to do this. (You can learn more about the PolicyPak Exporter utility in the “Advanced Concepts” manual or a brief overview: here)

PolicyPak and MDM Usage Tree

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How do I create Group Policy and/or special PolicyPak directives for use with my MDM service?

You need SOME Active Directory somewhere to create Group Policy or PolicyPak directives for later use. The idea is that you create the directives first, using a real or "fake" Active Directory (like, say, a test lab, using VMware Workstation of Hyper-V, etc.) Then you export the settings as XML files using our PolicyPak MMC console. Some examples of Group Policy, Group Policy Preferences and PolicyPak settings look like this to export: Drag www.policypak.com to desktop PolicyPak Screenshot - Export Settings To XML Data File Admin Templates Manager Screenshot Security Settings Manager Screenshot PolicyPak Browser Router Screenshot Lastly, you wrap up the XML files into an MSI file with our included PolicyPak Exporter utility. Steps to Create a New MSI Installer And deploy to your MDM service, like what’s seen here. Airwatch Console Screenshot

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How do I pay for and true up PolicyPak MDM edition each year?

To get started paying for your PolicyPak MDM Edition licenses, we need to see an accurate report of how many Windows 10 machines are currently "joined" to your MDM service. This is your "initial count" and how many you pay for in Year 1.

Then, every year you will perform a "True up." You will do this by sending a screenshot and/or report demonstrating how many Windows 10 machines (also known as Windows 10 Devices) are currently registered (also known as Joined) to the MDM service.

Unless you have some special agreement with PolicyPak at time of initial purchase, the assumption is that 100% of the joined Windows 10 computers will be paid for, trued-up and licensed.

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What if I grow substantially during the year while using PolicyPak with my MDM service?

If you organically grow, you only need to true up once per-year. Only if you grow more than 50% over what you pre-paid for must you true-up mid-year. If you think you're going to grow more than 50% during the year, it is recommended that you pre-pay for your intended usage.

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What if I take over another company and want them to participate in our MDM investment?

You must pre-pay your intended usage at that point. Additionally, since PolicyPak MDM Edition is "keyed" by email / UPN names, like "@policypak.com", if the company you take over doesn't share the email as yours, you will need to contact sales to true-up then get an additional license key to cover this new company.

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Can I use PolicyPak MDM Edition with my MDM service to enable Microsoft® Remote Desktops (“Microsoft RDS”) and/or Citrix® XenApp® and/or Citrix® XenDesktop® and/or VMware® Horizon® or similar VDI software ?

Maybe. If you have a special circumstance and scenario you want to enable, you must discuss with PolicyPak Sales, which may or may not grant the ability to light up "managed connections" and VDI. Before trying to enable VDI or computers like this with PolicyPak MDM Edition you must discuss this with the PolicyPak Sales team first.

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What are the restrictions when installing the PolicyPak Client Side Extension to endpoints when using PolicyPak On-Prem with my MDM service?

There are some restrictions in installing the PolicyPak Client Side Extension:

  1. You may not, without a special arrangement with PolicyPak, deliver the PolicyPak Client Side Extension to a machine capable of serving multiple sessions like Citrix, RDS, VDI or so on. In other words, you cannot consume ONE license on a server, and light up multiple (10,15, 20, 100) inbound connections.
  2. When using PolicyPak MDM Edition, since there is no concept of OUs, you are committing to paying for PolicyPak with 100% of the Windows 10 machines which are joined to your MDM service. Said another way, we cannot segment out or “partially license” your MDM investment. All Windows 10 machines which participate in your MDM service must be accounted and paid for.

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What data is stored within PolicyPak’s servers when I use PolicyPak MDM edition?

Because PolicyPak MDM enhances your existing MDM service, absolutely nothing is stored about your users within PolicyPak. That being said, we DO store information about your ADMINISTRATORS so we can contact them via email and phone numbers for updates and so on.

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