Why SCCM Admins need PolicyPak

What most SCCM admins don’t know about application management

SCCM 2012 is very powerful, but it can’t ensure your applications are secure.


Managing applications and settings is the “last mile” of desktop management. Having a killer software deployment solution like SCCM can really help tackle those challenges.

SCCM can perform some forms of application settings management, Desired Configuration State management (DCM), and remediation. But there’s some big, missing functionalities that SCCM 2007 or 2012 simply cannot perform on its own.

Who should read this whitepaper?

SCCM administrators and IT managers who want to fully understand what SCCM can do, and where the end-point security holes still are (even if you’re using SCCM for patch management and settings management). Additionally, learn:

  • Where SCCM and PolicyPak can work together to ensure desktop applications are always remediated.
  • How to ensure your IT security settings are adhered to for applications like Skype, Firefox, Lync, Java, Flash and dozens of others.
  • Where SCCM and PolicyPak can deliver application settings thru the Internet to your endpoints.
  • How App-V applications deployed via SCCM can be additionally managed and remediated using PolicyPak.

Summary of the whitepaper:

PolicyPak and SCCM don’t try to do the same thing. SCCM is great for deploying software & reporting on compliance. PolicyPak delivers settings to your applications, performs UI lockdown & automatic remediation for a huge variety of settings.

You can deploy PolicyPak directives using SCCM and deliver those directives to collections on your network or over the Internet.


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